2023 Lincoln Corsair Vs. 2023 Lincoln Nautilus: Which Lincoln SUV Is Right For You?

Comparing Lincoln's two mid-size SUVs reveals subtle differences that can help determine your needs. Let's begin with the basics, Fuel economy, Size, Performance, Capacity, interior design and technology. Let's start with Corsair. Let's move on to the three standout reasons for choosing each vehicle.

Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency is a strong suit of the Corsair, with all three available engines offering superior ratings compared to the Nautilus. The gas engines have a combined fuel economy of 9.8L/100km, while the hybrid delivers an impressive combined rating of 7.1L/100km. In contrast, the Nautilus' 2.0L engine, which it shares with the Corsair, has a combined rating of 10.7L/100km due to its larger size and weight. Opting for the Grand Touring Hybrid model can save you approximately a third on fuel costs compared to its gas counterpart, and you may also qualify for government rebates.

Perfect Position Massaging Seats

While the Perfect Position Massaging Seats are an optional feature, they are worth considering. These 24-way seats look sleek and stylish and provide extreme comfort with massaging functions for your back and thighs, featuring five different modes and three intensity settings. Check out the picture below, showcasing the Corsair seats on the left and the Nautilus seats on the right to see for yourself.


In terms of size, the Corsair is noticeably smaller than the Nautilus, measuring 254mm less. This size difference significantly impacts city drives, with the Corsair feeling more agile around turning circles and noticeably handier when navigating through traffic.

Moving onto the 2023 Nautilus, Here are three reasons that can be made why it might be better for you over the Corsair.


Instead of considering the 2.0L engine option for the Nautilus, our focus will be solely on its larger counterpart, the 2.7L Ecoboost V6. With an impressive output of 335hp and 380lb-ft of torque, this buttery smooth engine can accelerate the Nautilus to 100km/h in just 5.8 seconds. Compared to the 2.0L engine, which may feel sluggish given the Nautilus's size, the increase in fuel consumption is only 5%, making it a relatively minor consideration. We firmly believe that the upgrade to the V6 is a worthwhile investment, as it will significantly enhance your ownership experience.

Interior Technology

The 2023 Lincoln Nautilus interior features a sweeping peaks dashboard with delicate The refreshed architecture is only enhanced by the rich earth tones and available natural wood accents featured in the interior of the Lincoln Nautilus. The ergonomic design gives drivers an uplifting experience.


Compared to the Corsair, the Nautilus offers approximately 33% more cargo space in the rear. Passengers in the back seat will benefit from an additional 2.5cm of legroom in front of them, and the middle passenger will have more space thanks to the wider chassis that is 6.3cm broader. The rear doors are longer and open up to 90 degrees, making entry and exit to the back more convenient. Additionally, passengers will enjoy a smoother ride because of the standard Active Suspension.

In conclusion, the decision of which vehicle to select for you and your family ultimately rests with you, as both cars are exceptional.

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