Advantage of Purchasing A Used Vehicle From Whiteoak Lincoln


When deciding to purchase a used vehicle, it can be scary if you don't know what to look for or what to expect. Here at Whiteoak Lincoln, we can make this process easier for you.

Here are the advantages and benefits of purchasing a used vehicle from Whiteoak Lincoln.


Advantages of Buying a Used Vehicle with Whiteoak Lincoln

When purchasing a used vehicle from Whiteoak Lincoln, sit down with one of our expert advisors to help you understand what kind of vehicle suits your needs and budget for your next vehicle.

A significant advantage of purchasing a used vehicle from Whiteoak Lincoln is access to financing. Whiteoak Lincoln offers finance options for everyone. So, if you are unsure about your credit, Whiteoak Lincoln will work with you to find the best financing rate that fits your needs.

If you are considering purchasing a used vehicle, you can schedule an appointment with our Finance Centre and choose a financing option that is favourable to you.


Benefits of Buying A Lincoln Pre-Owned

Each Pre-Owned Lincoln comes with these benefits.


200-Point Inspection

the following inspections are performed before your Lincoln vehicle is delivered. Any car that does not pass our unique 200-point Inspection is then replaced or repaired with factory-authorized parts.

Comprehensive Limited Warranty 

Every Lincoln Pre-Owned luxury vehicle has comprehensive limited warranty coverage designed to help deliver years of worry-free driving.


CarFax Vehicle History Report

Each Lincoln Pre-Owned vehicle is carefully selected and comes with a Carfax vehicle history report.


24-Hour Assistance

Any Pre-Owned Lincoln vehicle comes with complimentary Roadside Assistance.


Quality Service

 You are entitled to the same high level of service when you purchase a carefully chosen Lincoln Pre-Owned vehicle as those who buy a brand-new Lincoln.


Lincoln Client Relationship Center

There is a specific Customer Assistance Center toll-free number available if you have any ownership queries, require Assistance with your Lincoln travel expense reimbursement or destination expense, or have any other problems. Call 1-800-387-9333 to reach the Lincoln Customer Relationship Center.


Complimentary Car wash & Loner

 After each service appointment, Whiteoak Lincoln will return your Lincoln washed and ready for you.

If your Lincoln needs warranty service, we'll be there for you with a complimentary loaner car.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I Buy a Pre-owned Lincoln?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment today at Whiteoak Lincoln. A Lincoln expert can walk you through our showroom of used vehicles, including pre-owned Lincolns available in our inventory.


Can I Purchase an extended warranty on a used vehicle from Whiteoak Lincoln?

You can purchase an extended warranty on a pre-owned vehicle from Whiteoak Lincoln. Contact Us today.


Contact Us

Contact Whiteoak Lincoln, your local Lincoln dealership near me, to schedule a test drive or purchase a used vehicle from our pre-owned used vehicle inventory today.



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