Lincoln Vehicle Protection

Buying or leasing a Lincoln is not just acquiring a vehicle; it's a valuable investment. Lincoln Automotive Financial Services offers various financing options to safeguard this investment.

Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plans

Obtain the reassurance that comes with knowing that you have coverage.

  • → 100% Backed by Lincoln Motor Company
  • → Lincoln Authorized Parts & Certified Technicians
  • → Interest-Free Financing For Up To 30 Months
  • → Dealer Support Across the U.S., Canada & Mexico
  • → 1000+ Components Covered with Premium care

Lincoln Protect's Premium Maintenance Plans cover all the scheduled maintenance, including particular wear items. By availing of this plan, you can secure future maintenance visits at present rates and experience the convenience of getting your car serviced at any Lincoln Dealership.

Guaranteed Automotive Protection

To ensure your Lincoln's protection, having the appropriate coverage is essential. In case of vehicle theft or total loss, GAPCoverage or GAPAdvantage can assist you in swiftly getting back on the road.

GAP Coverage

If there is a shortfall between your insurance payoff and the outstanding finance balance, GAP Coverage offers coverage for up to 96 months. If such a scenario occurs, GAP Coverage can compensate for the difference between the genuine cash value of your Lincoln personal vehicle and its outstanding loan balance (with a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 12,500 lbs). Your remaining balance, up to the lower of $125,000 or 150% of the manufacturer's suggested retail price (for new vehicles)/150% of the NADA "retail" value, inclusive of deductible coverage of up to $1,000.

GAP Advantage

If you desire further assurance, you can opt for GAP Advantage, which includes all the benefits of GAP Coverage and offers a $1,000 credit towards purchasing a replacement vehicle from the original Lincoln Retailer (subject to availability).

It's important to note that both GAP Coverage and GAP Advantage are exclusively offered during the vehicle purchase.


Although we strive to offer extensive coverage whenever feasible, GAP Coverage and GAP Advantage

    do not provide any benefits in case of loss or damage:

  • → Before the total loss date
  • → Due to fraud or intentional harm by you
  • → Outside the U.S. or Canada
  • → After the redemption period following a repossession
  • → Due to a public official's legal seizure.
  • → If the vehicle is titled, registered, or licensed in the name of a business, is utilized for commercial purposes, or has a salvage title

Additional Exclusions Include

  • → You may be entitled to receive various refundable amounts if you decide to cancel financed products before the term's end
  • → Charges for late payments, overdue payments, and postponed payments
  • → Termination and disposition fees

There are additional restrictions to consider, and it is crucial to review all the limitations stated in your GAP addendum.

WearCare With Red Carpet Lease

WearCare, in conjunction with Red Carpet Lease, offers protection against unanticipated wear and tear expenses at the end of your Lincoln vehicle's lease term.

Despite being careful, it's impossible to avoid chips, dings, and scratches caused by driving on the road. To prevent unexpected excess wear and tear charges, we present you with the choice of WearCare. By opting for WearCare at the outset of your lease, you can safeguard yourself against unforeseen excess wear and tear expenses.

By purchasing WearCare, you can avail of coverage that waives excess wear and tear charges of up to $10,000 (subject to terms and conditions), allowing you to lease a Lincoln vehicle without any apprehension and with full enjoyment.


  • → Helps protects against unexpected wear and use charges up to $10,000 (subject to conditions)
  • → up to $300 per missing vehicle part
  • → Permits terms of up to 48 months
  • → Offers coverage for new vehicles up to 16,000 lbs. GVWR
  • → Can be cancelled and refunded on a prorated basis.


  • → Excess mileage charges
  • → Missing parts costing more than $300
  • → This policy does not cover damages resulting from seizures, confiscations, racing, criminal activities, war, radiation, mechanical or electrical breakdown, improper repairs or modifications
  • → This policy excludes damages incurred during specific commercial activities such as delivery, taxi services, emergency vehicle usage, rental services, and construction or landscaping operations.

It's essential to understand that damages covered by other products like insurance, service contracts, warranties, and guarantees are generally not included in the waiver. This is a summary, and it's crucial to review and comprehend the specifics and conditions of your WearCare agreement.


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