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With seating for five passengers, the Lincoln Nautilus SUV enhances luxury and performance with a precise balance of deliberately developed technologies. Making every journey in the Nautilus an elevated and straightforward experience.


The Lincoln Nautilus comes in three trim models: the Lincoln Black Label Nautilus, Nautilus Reserve, and the Lincoln Nautilus Standard.


Landscape Dashboard

The Lincoln Nautilus’ dashboard has sweeping peaks and valleys with tranquil horizontal lines. The centre screen’s dramatic rise from the sloping area, resembling a monument, keeps your attention on the relevant information. The interior of the Lincoln Nautilus’ rich earth tones and possible natural wood accents only highlight this revamped architecture.

Active Noise Control

Active noise control improves desired sound while minimizing unwanted engine noise to enhance overall cabin sound quality and make driving more enjoyable. The device tracks the sound profile before producing an opposing sound wave. The initial sound wave and the opposing wave cancel each other out as they come into contact.

All-LED Exterior Lighting

The Lincoln Nautilus’s All-LED exterior lighting shines bright and shows tremendous promise, as it is far more effective and durable than incandescent lightbulbs. In addition, a Lincoln logo welcomes mat is projected on the ground, welcoming you back. The Lincoln Nautilus also features available Adaptive Static Bending technology. This striking design enhances your perspective of the road ahead while being functional and elegant.

Sculpted Exterior

Lincoln designers crafted the Lincoln Nautilus with sweeping lines and graceful shapes to make every drive a freeing and bold experience. The exterior’s distinctive elements exude a dynamic elegance, and the Lincoln trademark grille draws attention to the car’s angular shapes, flows perfectly into the headlamps and highlights the vehicle’s bold curves for a dynamic look.

Lincoln Nautilus Performance

The twin-turbocharged 2.7L V6 engine on the Nautilus always comes prepared for wherever the road takes you and produces 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. The Lincoln Nautilus allows you to experience an outstanding combination of power and silence.
The 250-horsepower, turbocharged 2.0L I-4 engine uses three technologies to increase power: direct injection precision, turbocharging’s boost, and sophisticated dual-independent variable camshaft timing.

Electric Power-Assisted Steering

The Electric Power-Assisted Steering is smooth and easy to use at low speeds, and at higher speeds, it provides a firmer and more controlled steering experience. The Electric Power-Assisted Steering System continuously checks for changing road conditions, detects them, and makes adjustments for uneven road surfaces.

Intelligent AWD

Lincoln Intelligent AWD uses sensors strategically placed around the Lincoln Nautilus to measure traction continuously when driving. Before any wheel slip even has a chance to happen, it typically provides torque to the front and rear wheels to improve handling and optimize grip on challenging road conditions.



The SYNC 4 upgrades your Lincoln’s intelligence to keep up with your life. The user-friendly digital owner’s manual provides quick access to comprehensive car information, streamable how-to videos, and more. The cloud connectivity, shown on a 13.2-inch LCD touchscreen, combines conversational voice recognition with the strength of internet-based search results—Lincoln Enhance’s over-the-air software updates to help you stay up to date with new technology.

Phone As A Key

Phone As A key is a fantastic feature to help make everyday driving easier and smooth. You can command your Lincoln Nautilus with your Phone as a Key through the Lincoln Way App. You are able to unlock, lock, start your car, and drive away without having to unlock your smartphone’s home screen by pairing your smartphone over Bluetooth with your vehicle.

The Lincoln Way App

You can use the Lincoln Way App to access a personal concierge, locate parking, view nearby gas prices, and remotely control your car—all from the comfort of your hand. Lincoln Connect offers customers the extra convenience of keeping connected and having remote control access to specific car features, such as:

  • Lock and unlock your vehicle remotely
  • Remotely start your engine and schedule recurring start times
  • With a data plan, enjoy a Wi-Fi hotspot connecting to 10 devices simultaneously up to 50 feet outside the vehicle
  • Check the approximate distance on your odometer, the fuel level, and the remaining kilometres to empty. Discover the Lincoln Way, a collection of services created to simplify Lincoln Ownership.

Lincoln Co-Pilot360 1.0

Lincoln Co-Pilot360 1.5 Technology comes standard with every Lincoln Nautilus to provide an easy-to-use driver-assist feature and an expanded awareness of the world around you. You can drive confidently, thanks to a blind-spot information system with cross-traffic alert, pre-collision assists with automated emergency braking, a lane-keeping system, a rear-view camera, and auto high-beam headlamps.


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